EUDEC Member School:

Escuela Democrática de Huamachuco


Address: Castilla 208, Huamachuco, La Libertad, Perú

Contact person: Valerio Narvaes Polo
Email: gomispampa at gmail.com
Website: (blog) escuela-democratica.blogspot.com

Number of students: 16

Year founded: 2009

Age range of students: 5-7

School Info Chart - Escuela Democrática de Huamachuco

The Escuela Democrática de Huamachuco is the first democratic School in Perú. It has been open since 2nd March 2009 with the first year of primary school. The aim is to grow by 15 new students each year for the coming years. The school has developed through a cooperation project with the "Kapriole" from Freiburg, Germany. The aim was to bring a better education to especially the rural areas in Peru with the form of democratic education. There is also a focus on environmental awareness and human rights. The first part of the school building was built in 2009 by the school founders using sustainable construction principles.