Potential Responsible Roles

The Responsible is responsible for all aspects regarding merchandise. They should also have an overview of all outreach efforts. (merchandise like t-shirts etc could come into this, as well as design, flyers etc.)

The Responsible is the leading person for the rework of the EUDEC homepage.

EUDEC Diploma
The Responsible should be well informed about everything concerning the diploma and answer all emails regarding the diploma. They should also collect data on how the diploma is used at different schools and how it is received by employers etc. and what is important to the people who receive a diploma. The Responsible should inform the Council about this stuff. If something needs to be changed it is their job to prepare a proposal for the AGM. The Responsible should also organize an annual check with schools about how many have been given out and record this into the google sheet. They can ask whether some of the students would be happy to have their e-mail address recorded as a recipient of the diploma, so that we have the opportunity to contact them in future and find out whether they feel having the diploma was helpful to them.

Social Media
For now, the main responsibility for our social media accounts stays with council. Still, there is a great need for support, as for now, our social media feeds cover a bare minimum. If interested, somebody could, for example, set up an Instagram for EUDEC, maintain the twitter feed… please bear in mind that all of these things need to happen as properly designed and planned “campaigns”, and that you should have some social media experience and be well informed about how to portrait EUDEC’s image and aims.

Communication with IDEC
The Responsible should stay in contact with IDEC members and IDEC conference organizers and share important things done by EUDEC with IDEC and also inform EUDEC about news from IDEC.

The Responsible should help start-ups using EUDEC resources and keep the start-ups pack up to date. This person should stay in contact with start-ups and answer their questions.

Startup courses
The Responsible for start-up courses should facilitate the establishment of a EUDEC school start-up course. This could consist of online courses or actual attendance courses, a mixture, or both. It should generate a modest income for EUDEC (in addition to covering any costs it generates).

Open Space/Online Conference
The Responsible has the task to organize online conferences and promote them

Student Contact Person
The Responsible has the responsibility to take care of the needs of students in EUDEC especially in terms of the organisation of conferences.
The main responsibility of the student contact person is to invite students to the conferences. Therefore it is helpful to have contact to students from different schools.
More tasks are to answer students’ questions, collect ideas to make the conferences more attractive for students and realize those ideas. They should make sure that EUDEC conferences don’t run the risk of becoming too adult centered and take an active approach to preventing ageism within EUDEC.

The Responsible should plan, coordinate and oversee all fundraising efforts.

For now, this is mainly designing the one page that we have been offered in Unerzogen Magazine in every issue. You could include whatever you wanted, as long as it’s in line with EUDEC’s aims and Sören’s Magazine.
The area of responsibility might expand (we have had to decline being featured in another magazine before because there was just nobody who agreed to writing the feature), and you could also actively approach newspapers and magazines to increase the visibility of EUDEC and DemED.