EUDEC Member School:



Freie Demokratische Schule
Berlin e.V.

Address: Berliner Straße 100,
13189 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49-(0)30-47004506
Email: ting at ting-schule.de
Website: www.ting-schule.de

Name of contact person: Maria Schiffner

Year founded: 2007

Number of students: 35
Age range of students: currently: 4-19
Number of staff: 7
Type of funding (government/private): government and tuition

School Info Chart - TING-Schule

TING-Schule is a Sudbury School, based on the Sudbury Valley School. Students and staff have an equal vote in our weekly School Meeting, where all decicions concerning every day school life (e.g. school rules, financial decisions, elections) are made. Every morning the Judicial Committee deals with rule breaches. Each student is free to follow her or his own way of learning and to set their own goals.