EUDEC Member School:

Sands School


Address: 48 East Street, Ashburton, Devon, England, TQ13 7AX
Tel.: 01364 653666

Email: enquiry at sands-school.co.uk
Website: www.sands-school.co.uk

Name of contact person: Martin Roberts

Year founded: 1987

Number of students: 65
Age range of students: 11-17
Number of staff: 7 full time; 6 part time
Type of funding (government/private): private

School Info Chart - Sands School

Sands School is run by the School Meeting, which meets twice weekly and is made up all members of the school, with one voice having one vote on any decisions that need to be made, regardless of age or social status.

The principal rules of the school are that each member has to want to be there, and that no one may have any negative impact on any other member of the school.

We have a structured timetable of lessons, but students are free to decide what courses they follow. There is an expectation that if a student decides to follow a course, he or she will attend all the lessons provided. However, there are no sanctions for missed lessons - it is assumed that students attend lessons because they want to learn; not because they have to.

Conflicts are resolved either via the tutor system (whereby the student chooses from among the teaching staff a tutor, to whom he or she will turn for support in their academic and personal life) or by school Council, which is made up of 6 or more elected representatives of school members. In the rare case that neither of these systems in successful in resolving an issue, it will be turned over to the School Meeting for discussion.

To find out more, please visit our website or contact us at the school.