EUDEC Member Organisations

Bundesverband der Freien Alternativschulen (BFAS e.V.)

(German National Association of Free Alternative Schools)
c/o Freie Schule Kassel
Brandenburger Str. 5
34131 Kassel

Tel. +49 561 3161778
Fax. +49 561 34725
Email: info at freie-alternativschulen.de
Website: www.freie-alternativschulen.de

Name of contact person: Tilmann Kern

Year founded: 1988
Number of member schools: 85*
Number of member start-up groups: 8*
Number of students represented: 5,700*
*as of Feb. 2011

The BFAS is an amalgamation of alternative free schools, school start-up initiatives, institutions and individuals. It supports pedegogical reform in the direction of self-determined learning, democratic participation in decision making and mutual respect.

We Provide

  • Advice for member schools and start-up initiatives
  • Continued Professional Development
  • Books and materials about alternative free schools
  • A platform for networking and exchanges between alternative free schools, both nationally and internationally
  • Public relations work for alternative free schools

We Aim to Support

  • The application of the principles of the UN Childrens Rights Convention.
  • Free education
  • Increased influence of educational reform pedagogy in the political education debate.
  • Equal financing and rights between alternative free schools and state schools.
  • Increased public awareness about alternative free schools.