Online Open Space Conference 2018

Saturday 9th June 2018

The next EUDEC Online Open Space event will be organized on Saturday 9th June 2018 with with the following schedule (all times CEST timezone):

Room #1Room #2Room #3
10:00Session #1Session #2Session #3
11:00Session #4Session #5Session #6
12:00Session #7Session #8Session #9
14:00Session #10Session #11Session #12
15:00Session #13Session #14Session #15
16:00Session #16Session #17Session #18
17:00Session #19Session #20Session #21
18:00Session #22Session #23Session #24

All sessions will have three parallel rooms, so the total number of sessions will be 24. All sessions will be one hour long, but if you feel you want to extend your session into a two-hour session that will also be possible.

The conference Open Space wall and the registration will be organized with an Online Open Space platform .

The actual sessions will be organized using Zoom conferencing software and if needed, with Skype. If all participants agree, the sessions will be recorded and published either as public or private on Youtube.

The participation fees will be following:

  • FREE for young people under age 18.
  • 5 EUR for students
  • 10 EUR for EUDEC adult members
  • 20 EUR for non-EUDEC members

Once you've paid your registration fee, you will be sent an email with the registration password. After this you can register to the Open Space platform and announce your own workshops or sign up for others' workshops.

Payment and registration information here .

The income for the event will be mostly used to support the EUDEC Greek Chapter in their efforts to change the education policies in Greece, and also to support the democratic My Identity School -project for street children in Pakistan. If the income exceeds 1000 EUR, the excess will be donated to EUDEC.

For more information, please contact Marko by email: mkoskinen at eudec.org

Organized by

Marko Koskinen
Developing School Association