EUDEC2012: How to get to Freiburg.

We recommend busses and trains as the most eco-friendly means of public transport. All busses and trains from abroad stop at the main trainstation in Freiburg (see map above).

If you have to take a plane, the closest airport is the one in Basel/Mulhouse (right on the swiss/french/german border). From there an hourly shuttle bus takes you to Freiburg's main trainstation within 45 minutes. The next closest airports (approx. 1 hour away) would probably be in Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Strasbourg in France . Further options for airports might be in Stuttgart or Frankfurt but those last two are about 2 hours train journey away from Freiburg.

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Lift Sharing

If you are planning on driving, hiring a coach or traveling by group train ticket you may be looking for extra people to join you and share the cost. If you are planning on coming on your own you may be looking for someone to hitch a ride with. You can put your plans on this Lift Sharing page and see if you can travel together with someone.