School de Paradox

Enkweg 17A
7251 EV Vorden
The Netherlands

Website: www.schooldeparadox.nl
Email: info at schooldeparadox.nl

Contact: Hester Dekker

Number of students: 8
Age range of students: 4-18
Year founded: 2004

At School De Paradox there are no compulsory lessons or schedules. It is in the nature of a child to explore the world and master skills. Children learn by playing. De Paradox accommodates this process for their students. Children learn to find out what inspires or interests them. Older students often do an internship in real life (for instance in a technical firm, a computer business, a nursery, a farm). This way they experience whether this line of work suits them for further education. In our experience the transition to a traditional school or a working environment is smooth. At De Paradox there is time and space to learn in a way that suits you!

Both students and staff members take decisions in the school in a weekly school meeting. Each vote weighs equally. When there are conflicts or when rules are broken, this is handled in a Judicial Committee. When appropriate, consequences can be issued by the Judicial Committee. The Judicial Committee consists of a student, a staff member, the parties involved and any witnesses.