School Info Chart Kapriole

What is the name of the school? Kapriole
What is the address of the school? Oberrieder Strasse 20, 79117 Freiburg, Germany
School’s phone number and website? +49-761-7073674, http://www.kapriole-freiburg.de
School’s EUDEC contact person and e-mail? Arianna Rehder arehder at eudec.org, Niklas Gidion ngidion at eudec.org
What is the legal status of the school? private school, acknowledged by state
When was the school founded? project started 1987, legally founded in 1997
How many students are there? approx. 145
Which student age groups are there? 6-18
How many (full-time equivalent) staff members? approx. 15? (more people actually but all working part-time)
How many school hours per day and week? Mo-Thu 8-16, Fri 8-13
Interested in hosting interns? yes!
Interested in the EUDEC Diploma? yes :-)
Interested in the EUDEC exchange program? yes!

Three-Word Answer
Further Elaboration, Clarification or Qualification of the Answer
Does applicable law allow your school to follow the EUDEC definition of democratic education? yes
Do students have free choice of whether or not to participate in scholastic and other activities? yes we have daily duties (decided by school assembly)
Can students easily initiate and suggest scholastic and other activities? yes This is encouraged and one actual goal of the school.
Can students offer, lead and run scholastic and other activities? yes see answer above
Can students ‘vote’ on the school’s rules? yes in the weekly school assembly
Can students ‘vote’ on the consequences of breaking rules? yes see answer above
Can students ‘vote’ on the use of spaces? yes see answer above
Are there any compulsory activities for students? yes We have shared duties (most of them daily cleanup stuff) in which all have to participate to a certain degree (this was decided by our school assembly, of course).
Who decides on the compulsory activities and who must participate? school assembly i.e. staff and students, one person = one vote
Can students ‘vote’ on accepting and expelling other students? yes, but... Accepting new students/families is done by a committee. Students can work in that committee, but rarely do so. Also not the new students but rather thier parents are chosen. We try to make sure, that the parents are clearly informed about and really willing to support the educational concept of the school. Expelling students could theoretically be done by the school assembly. This has never happened yet, though. It has been discussed about two/three times in cases were students heavily and consistently violated a lot of the schools rules for a long time (years). Luckily we always were able to find better solutions before having to go back to that "last resort" till now.
Can students be involved in the hiring and firing of staff members, including educational staff? yes We have a hiring committee in which students have a clear majority. We have no clear system for "firing" staff :-) One staff member has been fired (or rather his contract has not been extended after his first year). We started to systematically give yearly feedback to staff members by groups of students.
Can students and staff equally participate in the decision making process? yes
Does your school need to meet any curriculum imposed from outside of the school? no
How is student performance and progress monitored and graded? not Not monitored or graded at all (unless on demand in preparation for final exams (done in a state school). We have a mentoring system though: students each year elect a personal mentor whose task it is to check/chat/support on a regular basis or on demand - the focus being "Are you happy? Do you want help somewhere? etc." and explicitly not something like "do you think you learn 'enough'?"
Can students ‘vote’ on managing and deciding the budget? yes Main focus is on decisions about buying materials and hiring staff.
Can students ‘vote’ on the infrastructure of the school? yes
Can students ‘vote’ on the management structure of the school? yes There is also the association and assembly of families which functions as the legal background for the school. Students can of course participate in that one as well.

School Description

How often do school meetings take place? weekly (we consider that important)
Which decision making bodies are there? schools assembly, judicial committee, hiring committee, material committee, extra-assembly for younger kids, etc. ... we have lots of decision making bodies :-)
Who decides who is in which decision making body? mostly they function on a basis of "who wants can participate", some jobs are being voted in by assembly (hiring and judicial committee)
What is the parents’ role in school life? pay school money :-), help in weekly cleanup and daily cooking, working in committees to build/support the "backbone" of the school (PR, Fundraising, Planing the rebuilding of the school etc.)
What is the parents’ role in decision making? parents have no voting rights in the school assembly (so they can't directly influence the educational concept of the school). They have a vote in the (approx. twice yearly) assembly of families of the "Traegerverein Kapriole e.V." (the "umbrella" organisation of the school). Parents also participate in some committees for example in talking to/informing potential new families.
Who is financially and legally responsible for your school? The "Traegerverein Kapriole e.V."
Who makes financial and legal decisions? a) decisions concerning the daily school life: the school assembly and it's committees; b) decisions concerning the bigger financial "umbrella": the assembly of families in the "Traegerverein"
What is the school building like? An old, moldy bungalow in a beautiful park close to the city centre. Most furniture 2nd/3rd hand. We plan to tear down the building and rebuild on the same spot till 2014.
Is your school (partially or fully) a boarding school? not at all
From how far do most students come from? city and region (up to 90 minutes drive)
In what kind of area is the school located? the beautiful black forrest, also very close to france and switzerland
How is the school funded? tuition by parents and state supported
Can students get a degree/diploma? yes, the EUDEC diploma (former Kapriole Diploma) and also external state exams
Is there any curriculum planning? we discuss and decide together (on a regular basis) which workshops to start together.

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If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us (see above) and just ask :-)