The Questions

What is the name of the school? Freie aktive Schule auf den Fildern e.V.
What is the address of the school? Schönbuchstrasse 4, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
School’s phone number and website? www.pieks-fas.de
School’s EUDEC contact person and e-mail? Linus Kammerer (linus.kammerer@pieks-fas.de)
What is the legal status of the school? private school, acknowledged by state
When was the school founded? 2004
How many students are there? ~43
Which student age groups are there? actually from 6 to 18, but we are open for students above 18 years too
How many (full-time equivalent) staff members? 5 to 6
How many school hours per day and week? 5 hours a day plus additionally one afternoon a week for students from 5th school-year on and another optional for everybody
Interested in hosting interns? yes
Interested in the EUDEC Diploma? yes
Interested in the EUDEC exchange program? yes

Three-Word Answer
Further Elaboration, Clarification or Qualification of the Answer
Does applicable law allow your school to follow the EUDEC definition of democratic education? yes
Do students have free choice of whether or not to participate in scholastic and other activities? yes
Can students easily initiate and suggest scholastic and other activities? yes
Can students offer, lead and run scholastic and other activities? yes
Can students ‘vote’ on the school’s rules? yes but there are 3 unchangeable rules: 1. No verbal or assault violence. 2. We regard each other respectfully. 3. We care for our resources.
Can students ‘vote’ on the consequences of breaking rules? yes
Can students ‘vote’ on the use of spaces? yes
Are there any compulsory activities for students? yes participation at the daily morning circle and the clean-up every noon is compulsory for every student.
Who decides on the compulsory activities and who must participate? students and staff members together in the weekly assembly
Can students ‘vote’ on accepting and expelling other students? yes
Can students ‘vote’ on hiring and firing staff, including educational staff? yes Students are involved together with the staff and the parents in the hiring process as well as in the firing process.
Can students and staff equally participate in the decision making process? yes
Does your school need to meet any curriculum imposed from outside of the school? no
How is student performance and progress monitored and graded? there are no grades and no performance measurement at our school
Can students ‘vote’ on managing and deciding the budget? yes There is a budget in responsibility of the weekly assembly. The overall budget of the school is managed by the parents.
Can students ‘vote’ on the infrastructure of the school? yes as far as it fits in the budget
Can students ‘vote’ on the management structure of the school? no The management structure is currently managed by the parents although students are invited to take part if they are interested.

School Description

How often do school meetings take place? weekly
Which decision making bodies are there? schools assembly and judicial committee
Who decides who is in which decision making body? to school assembly. every student and staff member is welcome. The judicial committee are volunteering students confirmed by the school assembly
What is the parents’ role in school life? The parents are the "backbone" of the school. They manage the financial and legal issues, PR, Fundraising, maintenance of the building and the weekly cleanup
What is the parents’ role in decision making? The parents decides about the "frame" of the school.
Who is financially and legally responsible for your school? The parents in the "Trägerverein"
Who makes financial and legal decisions? The parents
What is the school building like? It's a 400 m² former glazier's workshop on 2 levels with a very small garden. For further expansion we look for a bigger building with much more space outside.
Is your school (partially or fully) a boarding school? no
From how far do most students come from? Most studends come from Leinfelden and the surrounding villages. A tram station and several bus stops are near by.
In what kind of area is the school located? The school is close to the city-center of Leinfelden but also close to a sports ground and a playground. There are some shops around where students can buy food and other stuff.
How is the school funded? tuition by parents and state supported
Can students get a degree/diploma? we aim to get the EUDEC diploma and also external state exams
Is there any curriculum planning? no

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