EUDEC Council – Disclosure of Interpretation of EUDEC Guidance Document (GD)

This is an announcement to tell EUDEC's members about an interpretation of the Guidance Document which the EUDEC Council made (and Oversight Committee approved) on the 4th August 2012.

The GD is the 'rule book' for EUDEC and has been voted into place by the EUDEC members' Assembly. The GD authorises Council to agree on the interpretation of the meaning of articles in the GD in the case of a lack of clarity. Council's decision has to be approved by the Oversight Committee and disclosed to the members.

The decisions Council made were regarding two questions and are as follows:

1) Does GD 3:30 e20 extend “any other officers in the community” to EUDEC Germany’s Rat (Council)?

2) GD 3:30 h20 omits “other officers”. Can it nonetheless be taken as the list of criteria for “other officers”?

You can view these articles in the Guidance Document

If you have any questions about Council's reasoning behind these decisions please contact Rachel for more details, rroberts at eudec.org