FSO - Freie Schule Odenwald

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Birkenweg 31
69483 Wald Michelbach

Tel.: +49 (0) 6207 / 924 851
Fax: +49 (0) 6207 / 949 872
Email: sekretariat at drachenschule-odenwald.de
Website: www.drachenschule-odenwald.de

The Drachenschule is a state-approved, Grund and integrated Gesamtschule located in Wald Michelbach, a rural community in Kreis Bergstrasse. Students at the school work with and interact with peers from various age groups and determine for themselves what they want to learn. Currently, 40 students attend the Drachenschule and the school plans on expanding to a maximum enrollment of 50 students. Students at the school, commute from Mannheim, Weinheim, Heidelberg, and smaller communities scattered throughout the Odenwald.

Every morning at the Drachenschule begins with the student led Schulversammlung (School Meeting). The Schulversammlung is the only required event in a typical day at the school and determines nearly all rules and aspects of student life. Conceptionally, the school is based off of the teachings of Maria Montessori, Rebecca Wild, current research in the field of neurobiology, and Marshall Rosenberg's Gewaltfreie Kommunikation (Nonviolent Communication). Additionally, the school works with the Gesellschaft für Systemische Pädagogik (Society for Systemic Pedagogy), and emphasizes creating a safe, stimulating learning environment for its' students.

We are interested in building relationships with other academic institutions both inside and outside of Germany and value cultural exchanges. Alongside our German Lernbegleiters, we also have team members from the United States, Chile, and Great Britain. Following prior notice and an accompanying discussion, we are also interested in hosting representatives from like-minded institutions, and can provide free accommodations.