EUDEC Member School:

De Koers


Address: Zeestraat 283, Beverwijk
Tel.: 0251-200927 or 06-24818890

Email: info at dekoers.org
Website: www.dekoers.org


Name of contact person: Edwin de Bree
Year founded: 2008
Number of students: 10
Age range of students: 6 - 19
Number of staff: 2 paid staff member and 4 volunteers
Type of funding (government/private): private

School Info Chart - De Koers

The Koers is based for 100% on the Sudbury Valley School
in Boston.

Decisions are made in a school meeting by votes. All students and staff members have an equal vote in these meetings. We conduct the school meeting using Robert's Rules.

Conflicts are solved in a Judicial Committee. Here, a group of students with one staff member decides whether somebody has broken a school rule. They also decide what penalty the person gets.

We have no curriculum, tests or exams. Students and staff members from 5 to 120 years of age set their own goals.

We are having some problems with educational laws, but we have decided to remain true to our freedom of education.

Parents can take a part in meetings twice a year. We then decide how much the parents have to pay, which holidays we choose and some other things.