Voorsterweg 1
7371 GA Loenen
the Netherlands

Website: www.aventurijn.org
Contact: Hannah de Vos-Beckers
Email: hannah at aventurijn.org

Numer of students: 24
Age range: 3-18
Year founded: 2000

Last week an enormous tipi was build on the premises of our democratic school, Aventurijn, in the Netherlands. All children and tutors could sit in the tipi around the fire and listen to stories, sing Native American songs or make bread on the fire. Together we made an atmosphere of peaceful togetherness, learning without giving it that name. Learning from life, from examples of behaviour and knowledge, learning of the being of adults and other children, learning with heart, will and head. Of course they didn’t have to be in the tipi because the freedom to chose what to do is an important condition of the school. A condition; not the ultimate goal. There are more conditions like safety, love, a rich environment etc. A condition means that there is more than just freedom and democracy. A lot more. For us, the only real goal of our school is the unfolding of the inner self in human being: children and adults.